About us

VANGUARDLAND energetic consultancy

VANGUARDLAND It is a cutting-edge consulting company, providing engineering services since 2014.

In 2022 due to the increased market growth in the Spanish market, a decision was made to open an office in Spain. Located in Puertollano, the new office has the name VANGUARDLAND Innova S.L..

  • Strongly positioned in the hydrogen, oil & gas and renewable energy sectors, where it performs all kinds of consulting, project and construction management services.
  • We bet on the training of professionals in the sector, both in the area of hydrogen and liquefied natural gas (LNG), and since 2018 we have collaborated with INEGI and the University of Porto as teachers in various courses.
  • Management and control of fluids, representation of industrial equipment, specifically special valves and automation, result of the collaboration with URVA Fluidos Industriales, S.L., since 2021.

VANGUARDLAND has offices in Lisbon, Madrid and Puertollano

  • The company’s main activity is centred on these two countries (Portugal and Spain), without forgetting the Portuguese and Spanish language markets, both in Africa and in South America.
  • We have highly qualified professionals, versatile and capable of working in any part of the world.


VANGUARDLAND wants to be your business partner, always helping you to achieve your objectives.

We believe in a clean and sustainable future, the use of “clean” fuels free of emissions and our contribution to a better world.


To be a leader in our segment, contributing to the sustainability of the planet.

Our Values