What we do

Projects and Studies

VANGUARDLAND has an extensive experience in the execution of Studies, Technical Specifications and Projects in the following main areas:

  • Hydrogen
  • Natural gas
  • Onshore Maritime
  • Renewables
  • Oil

R&D and Innovation

Research: Our research team works tirelessly to deepen scientific knowledge, especially in the use of hydrogen.

Development: We believe that the results of our work will help to create more economical solutions and more reliable and safer systems, with a focus on more sustainable energies.

Innovation: With the help of our partners, equipment manufacturers, integrators, universities and technology centres, we are creating new solutions that will allow access to clean and carbon neutral energy to a greater number of people and


VANGUARDLAND has an extensive experience in the development of training actions in its two main areas of activity, Hydrogen and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), for various entities.

We work to find the best solution for our customers, offering the possibility of developing “tailor-made” courses both in terms of schedules and the content of the training programs, always in accordance with the needs and objectives of our customers.

Coordination and Direction

VANGUARDLAND has an extensive experience in coordinating and directing works in the Oil & Gas area, mainly in the construction of:

  • Hydro and Gas Pipelines
  • PRM’s and GRMS
  • LNG UAGs
  • Fuel stations (traditional, gas (CNG and H2) and electric mobility)
  • Hydrocarbon Storage Parks
  • Installations Receiving natural gas at an industrial customer

Specification and Purchasing Management

VANGUARLAND understands the importance of quality in tender documents, and therefore collaborates with its customers in the preparation of specifications, as well as in the preparation of Technical Supply Specifications, in all areas where it provides its services, with a clear vocation for hydrogen and Oil & Gas.

Fluid Management and Control

VANGUARLAND provides comprehensive solutions for the control of industrial fluids, from supplying valves, designing automation solutions and executing customized projects in different industries: Oil & Gas, energy, mining, chemical, food, water, hydrogen, among others.

We collaborate in Portugal and Spain with URVA, Fluidos Industriales SL., representing Zubi, AMM-Tech, Chemvalve-Schmid, TLV and URVA valves.